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Abyssinia Set of 6 lamps
€ 3.240*

The Abyssinia collection rescues the most representative techniques and languages from Ethiopian traditional basket weaving. Local patterns, heavy and opac material, strong colors, and smooth shapes make PET Lamp Abyssinia a reflection of african character.

For this collection the artisans use a traditional basketry technique called “coiled”, weaving the palm leaf together with the plastic bottle. This creates strong horizontal lampshades, of weight and magnitude whose drawings —freely chosen by the artisans— reflect the cosmogony of their local culture.

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Shown models are just samples.

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PET Lamp Making of

In Ethiopia we find ourselves face to face with a unique country within a complex African jigsaw puzzle. It is a richly varied country, full of contrasts as much in its geography as in its cultures, its traditions and its personality. The ethnic groups of the south of Ethiopia are considered among the most ancient in the world, while the ones from the north of the country are distinguished for being the cradle of Orthodox Christianity and for some extraordinary artistic/religious combinations.

The colourful basket weaving of Ethiopia has a long tradition and plays an important role in their culture and society. Baskets are seen as functional, decorative and sacred elements throughout the country. Generally made by women, a group´s design comes from their own imagination. There are no guidelines or instructions to help in the design of these intricate and colourful pieces, the women simply decide on a pattern and apply it from memory.

PET Lamp Details

Composed by:

Abyssinia Set of 6 lamps spans approximately
ø 3-3,5 meters.

Each set of lamps includes the lampshades, electrical installation, cables for a standard height of ceiling of 3 meters and a rosette for the set.
All lamps hang from an independent steel cable to be directly fixed to the ceiling. All the components are included.

All models fit an E27 lamp holder.
Max. 60W. Includes a T-45 LED filament lightbulb 4W 330 Lm.
220 V. All electric components CE approved.
According to regulation UNE-EN 60598

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