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Mapuche Set of 3 lamps
€ 2.220*

The Mapuche collection is given shape and colour in Huentelolen, a small village in the heart of Aracaunia region, home of the native Mapuche people. It explores a 500-years-old weaving technique, the “ñocha” native fibre and a social community environment.

The local patterns, the dominant natural colour of the local fibre and the non-dense texture give us an idea about the high complexity of the material and reveal its wide range of possibilities. Nonetheless, the lamps acquire a robust and generous shape, as the vivid proof of the Mapuche people’s strong character, closely linked to the nature. As a finishing touch, all lamps are added a last wide vertical band which imprints them personality.

The Mapuche craftspeople share the same complex “coiled” basketry technique as the Ethiopian ones and imprint stitch by stitch their personal stories and dreams in each lamp of this collection.

*Prices excl. VAT and transportation are effective from APRIL 2014, subject to change.

Shown models are just samples.

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PET Lamp Making of

Coming back to Chile 3 years later after the first experience with the Chimbarongo artisans, revealed us a completely new and different basketry world in the heart of Aracaunia region. This time, they were women artisans, belonging to Ñocha Malen Collective living on the land of Mapuche people. Despite of the social stigma of this conflict-affected area, we have found a group of women, eager to move forward and to share their valuable traditions with the rest of the world.
The workshops taught us again all necessary steps until the final piece. Each PET Lamp gets the creative and personal footprint of its artisan who can freely apply the patterns and preserved techniques.
The great protagonist on the Mapuche’s land is the ñocha natural fibre. The artisans collect it, boil the leaves and dry them so they can shape the fibre as desired. Then, it is harmoniously woven stitch by stitch with the strips of the PET plastic bottle.

We also discovered a common thing between the Mapuche artisans and the Ethiopian ones. They preserve and pass from one generation to another the same “coiled” basketry technique, basically consisting of sewing a stationary horizontal foundation with vertical stitches. The technique requires a great strength, nonetheless, our Chilean artisans imprint their own character. They opt for a less dense texture, offering the lamps a visual lightness effect, thanks to the gaps left in the material.

PET Lamp Details

3 x Mapuche lamps

This set spans 2,5 – 3 m long.
This lamp is available to be installed with the 3 lamps in circular configuration.


The shown models are just samples. Each drawing is an unique piece of art and will not be repeated necessarily overtime.
Profile shapes may slightly vary from one piece to another.

Each set of lamps includes the lampshades, its electrical installation, coloured cables for a standard height of ceiling of 3 meters, a phosphated rosette for the set and ceiling clips for the cables.
All lamps hang from an independent steel cable to be directly fixed to the ceiling. All the components are included.

All models fit an E27 lamp holder.
Max. 60W. Includes a T-45 LED filament lightbulb 4W 330 Lm.

220 V. All electric components CE approved.
According to regulation UNE-EN 60598

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