Our Philosophy

ACdO is the platform from which the Studio Alvaro Catalán de Ocón produces and distributes some of his most personal pieces.
For us, this close relationship between designing and making allows the freedom to experiment and try out with new projects, which otherwise would be difficult to develop within the constraints of a client commission.
In each new project, the design process is geared to guarantee maximum honesty of processes and materials in order to offer not just an object but a sensation. All of our pieces are produced locally, using high-end industrial processes and specialized artisans, and assembled with great care in the studio to offer the quality and finish we demand in order to create a long lasting collection of products.

Our Team

We are a multidisciplinary team with different work profiles, but never missing a entrepreneur and creative mind.  All of us with the same interest and the same purpose, to make attractive, desirable and contemporary objects.

To achieve our goal, of mixing industrial processes with top class local crafts, we work with some artisans of different countries. Providing their capacity of bringing a different vision and perspective. Delivering their identity of each culture in our work.

We collaborate with professionals in variety of markets, including Colombia, Chile, and Ethiopia, among others.