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Chimbarongo L-B
€ 300*

Fulfilling with of the main thesis of the project- to address the global problem of PET plastic bottles waste throught the local work of traditional textile crafts- PET Lamp presents a new collection, Chimbarongo. This time working with wicker artisans from central Chile.

Using the structural properties of the wicker, the warp created by the plastic allows to develop models that suggests volume and lightness at the same time, which leads to the creation of a lamp with an elegant presence and easily adaptable to any environment.

*Prices excl. VAT and transportation are effective from APRIL 2014, subject to change.

Shown models are just samples.

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PET Lamp Making of

The antagonism of the driest desert in the world and the majestic ice fields of Chilean Patagonia find their balance in the central valley of this 4,329 km long country.
The pleasant climate and the fertility of its soil make the central zone of the country an ideal place for the planting and harvesting of willow. Its flexibility and later its stiffness after drying have made this fibrous plant very highly regarded in the construction of furniture, baskets and other objects in many diverse cultures throughout the ages.
In the last few years Chimbarongo has seen the recognition of one of its most diffused and traditional industries, and it is now known as “The Wicker Capital”.

With the help and support of the chilean design studio Si Studio, we wanted to bring our project to this community of craftsmen, not from the perspective of a link in the chain of production but rather a harmonious integration that allows us to enter into the families and to get to know the origin and possibilities of the material. It also permits the development, in conjunction with the artisan, of a unique product with its own personality and high design values.

PET Lamp Details

ø 68 cm aprox.
H: 20 cm aprox.

One single lamp includes: One lampshade, it’s electrical installation, 1.5 meters of cardboard wrapped cable and a rosette in rusted finishing.

All sizes fit an E14 lamp holder.
Max. 25W. Includes a T-25 LED filament lightbulb 4W 470 Lm.

220 V. All electric components CE approved.
According to regulation UNE-EN 60598


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