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PET Lamp Collection is the emblematic installation of an already six years old project, mixing lampshades of each and every one of the collections developed so far. By bringing together a whole symphony of different weaving techniques, materials, patterns, languages and cultural experiences, this masterpiece is meant to represent a repertory with an especially valuable ethnographic and anthropologic character.

NGV, Melbourne

Bauhaus Dessau

21_21 Design Sight, Tokio

Rossana Orlandi, Milan

PET Lamp Collection Making of

One composition is enough for the user to make a tour through Colombia, Chile, Ethiopia and Japan and closely admire the know-how of both craftsmanship and design, with the whole research they concern, since the very first workshop until the last customized component added to the lamps at our studio.

The installation provides a rich and diverse visual language which is the vivid proof of a harmonious collaborative work approaching a global problem with local and ancestral traditions.

Manuela Dura, Colombia

Maria Stella Cuchillo, Colombia

Chimbarongo making of in wicker

Addis Abeba workshop, Ethiopia

Chiemi's workshop in Kyoto

Mapuche weavers in Huentelolen, Chile

PET Lamp CollectionDetails

PET Lamp Collection includes:
· Eperara-Siapidara
· Guambianos*
· Chimbarongo
· Abyssinia
· Kyoto*
· Mapuche

Available under special request in two versions: Set of 6 lamps and set of 20 lamps.

Please contact us to check the availability of this product. We will offer you an alternative if we don’t have all of the models in stock.

Set of 6 lamps includes:
1 x Eperara-Siapidara
1 x Guambianos
1 x Chimbarongo Triple
1 x Mapuche
1 x Abyssinia
1 x Kyoto

Set of 20 lamps includes:
9 x Eperara-Siapidara (one of each model)
1 x Guambianos
1 x Chimbarongo Triple
6 x Chimbarongo (one of each model)
1 x Mapuche
1 x Abyssinia
1 x Kyoto

* Guambianos and Kyoto are non-commercial collections. More information available at

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