€ 390*

The Candil was conceived as a table version of the Cornucopia. In appearance they are different but their technical principle is the same; The rule of 3. In succession only three are the elements/materials that compose the lamps and allow the lighting of the light bulb: copper, wood and brass.

In these series of lamps (Cornucopia, Candil and Laflaca) the object itself becomes a natural extension of the electric cable. The negative pole (copper), the positive pole (brass) and the insulator (wood) play two roles and together they become substance and shape of the product.

The Candil offers a visual and tactile experience with its natural materials and the warmth of the light that it spreads. As a modern version of a candlelight it is meant to enchant and transport us to an intimate and pleasant world.

Candil lamps are made in signed editions of 100 pieces. As with books, once the present edition is finished we start with the next.

*Prices excl. VAT and transportation are effective from APRIL 2014, subject to change.


Candil Details

ø: 16,5 cm.
H: 8 cm.

Technical specifications
Input 220V – Output 12V
Bulb: 24V – 25W (included)

Copper, wood, brass and glass.

Design process