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Pikul S
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In 2018, Thailand was the country in charge of interpreting the technique developed by Álvaro Catalán de Ocón to transform PET plastic bottles into lamps.

As in previous occasions, through a methodology based on; field research, prototyping and on-site workshops the studio of Alvaro Catalán de Ocón has developed a collection of lampshades in collaboration with Traditional Bamboo Handicraft Center, a foundation supported by her Majesty Queen Sirikit that enjoys a distinct reputation in the field of handicrafts in the country.

Bamboo is the chosen material –typical of the Southeast Asia region– worked with precision and careful detail by the best craftsmen of the country.

Each PET Lamp Pikul is a unique product, the shapes and the patterns of the lamps are standard on the contrary colours are chosen directly by the Thai artisans which apply their traditional pigments freely.

Shown models are just samples.
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*Prices excl. VAT and transportation are effective from JANUARY 2019, subject to change.

PET Lamp Making of

The character of Thai basketry tradition comes from the artisan’s calmness which is reflected through extremely precise and balanced pieces.

PET Lamp Pikul takes its name after the Mimusops Elengi’s flower. Also known as Spanish Cherry tree, it is a tropical tree found in the forests of this region of Asia. The flower grows in a geometric pattern inspiring the traditional Pikul pattern which can be found in many of the crafts around Thailand.

Bamboo is the chosen material. This material requires the skill and mastery of three craftsmen, each one specialized in one of the techniques of the manufacturing processes required to make each lamp.

The first craftsman calibrates the width and thickness of the strip to achieve the required shape generated by the natural curvature of the material.A hexagonal base frame is created as a warp on which a second craftsman weaves the traditional Pikul pattern with coloured bamboo strips. Once the drawing is applied, a third craftsman structures the lamp with two rigid rattan rings.

PET Lamp Details

ø 20 cm aprox.
H: 24 cm aprox.

One single lamp includes : One lampshade, it’s electrical installation, 1.5 meters of coloured textile cable and a rosette in phosphated finishing.

All sizes fit an E14 lamp holder.Max. 25W. Includes a T-25 LED filament lightbulb 4W 400 Lm.

220 V. All electric components CE approved.According to regulation UNE-EN 60598

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